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No need certain of chain and rope easy to use, 316 Stainless steel drum with solid keyed shaft. Marine grade aluminum alloy fully sealed gear box to ensure corrosion resistance.and maintenance free. Suit any thickness of deck easy to install by yourself. Motor/gearbox has 8 different degree mounting points to drum bracke

SUIT BOAT 15~20ft SUIT BOAT 20~26ft SUIT BOAT 26~36ft
Direct control switch
Circuit breaker
Hardwares & manual
Sloenoid & up/down switch
Circuit breaker
Hardwares & manuall
Sloenoid & up/down switch
Circuit breaker
Hardwares & manual

Suit boat size: 15~20ft 20~26ft 26~36ft
Drum diametre: 200mm 240mm 280mm
Take 6M 6mm chain plus 6mm rope: 70M 150M 200M
6M 6mm chain plus 8mm rope: 85M 110M
Max. working load(drum empty to full): 1280~180kg 2210~225kg 3780~365 kg
Max speed(drum full to empty): 47~6.6M/min 40~5 M/min 42~5 M/min
Suit water deepth (with 6/8mm rope) 35M 75 / 43 M 100 / 55M
Voltage 12V DC 12V DC 12 / 24V DC
Weight 11 kg 14kg 16 Kg